How To Send a Message

This is a general how-to on how to send an email through Texts.Email and have it converted to a text.

Get an Account

Texts.Email is currently an invite-only beta. If you'd like to use the service, please join the waitlist at

Compose an Email

Your account has a dedicated alias to send messages, which is suffixed with the number you'd like to text.


For example:

This email address is dedicated for your account and this number so you can save the address to your Address Book if you prefer!

Phone numbers default to be in the United States, so you can include the "+1" country code at the beginning or exclude it if you so choose.

International numbers require the country prefix. So an email to a United Kingdom number would be example++442072343456

If you don't recall your "account prefix", please message for assistance!

You can also send attachments! For more information see the section on Attachments.

Send Your Email!

Your message will be sent to our system, converted into a text message, and sent to the phone number you provided.

Your Contact Sends a Response

Your contact will be able to respond to you simply by responding to the text, and it will be converted into an email and sent to you.

You Receive the Response in your Inbox

You'll receive the email from the same address you sent the initial message to so you can simply reply to continue the conversation.

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